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College teen bookbang

College Teen Bookbang is a reality membership site with a bit of a story. These two guys hang around the local university financial aid office, and when good look girls come out looking sad, they go talk to them to see what is up. The girls often say "I need money to pay for books" and that is when these two smart guys get to working on the girls. They know the girls are a little desperate, and they know they girls are fucking hot, so they ask them if they would like to "be in a class video" or something to make few extra dollars. They talk the girls into making a video, but they don't tell them that they will end up naked, fucking, and taking cumshots on their faces! A little more convincing, chatting, and discussion happens when they get the girls back to their apartment studio, and soon enough the girls are naked and fucking like crazy.

This is is particularly good for having decent quality videos and girls that truly look like students. No real pornstar types here, just real girls, not perfect, but hot, horny, and they will live up to your college girl fuck fantasy just fine!

Due to reports of credit card abuse by the site owners, this site no longer recommended

Note: The reports are not confirmed legal judgements against the site owners, but the owner of Porniki prefers to err on the side of caution. When there is doubt of concerns about a site, it is policy not to send users to where illegal or shady activities may be occuring

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Here are some hot galleries from College teen bookbang:

 The galleries for this site are not longer available through Porniki

This may be the result of changed made in the site, the site shutting down, or changes made by the operator that makes the site undesirable.