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Cheerleaders is a very common enjoyment. There is a whole sexual tease thing from sports, the girls in short skirts, flying through the air, jumping around... plus if you had cheerleaders in your high school or university, they were usually the hottest looking girls, or the girls that were the hardest to get a date with. They were super desirable, and usually uber hot. They are part of the uniform fetish.

The cheerleader niche or fetish is well treated on the net. Sometimes it can be great, like at Lightspeed University or Lightspeed Sorority, and other times not so well (and I won't give you a link to that). While many people consider cheerleaders to be part of teen, in reality cheerleaders come in all ages. Some of the sexiest cheerleaders in the NFL are actually 30+ year old MILFs, rather than teens or college coed types.