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Charisma Cappelli galleries

Check out these hot galleries from [{Charisma Cappelli]]:

* Tasty Food Tasty Cleavage and Hot Dog Fucking- Romi Rain had all the business in town locked down, thanks to her tasty food and ample cleavage. But when Charisma Cappelli showed up and started trying to out-cook and out-seduce her, it meant war! Romi and Charisma did their best to top each other with increasingly sexy lunch specials, until finally there was no choice but to have a cook-off! Repeat customer Brick Danger was selected as the judge, but when their cooking was too close to call, the busty babes had to break the tie by proving who was the sexiest cook in town! They took turns stroking, sucking, and fucking Brick's fat dick, big tits bouncing as they rode that cock to some body-rocking orgasms. When Brick gave them a big facial cumshot to share, they realized that they were much better off as a team than competition. There's nothing like a threesome to bring people together!
* Romi Rain Visits Office and Fucks Dude and His Secretary- Romi decides to visit Johnny at his office. His secretary Charisma gives him a call and lets Romi know he'll be right out. They engage in a little intimacy before Romi throws Johnny right on the couch and unbuckles his pants while giving a grin at Charisma. She proceeds to blow him right in front of his secretary before Johnny plows her from behind. Charisma can't help but watch until she is invited by Romi to join the party.
* Watch Charisma Capelli Masturbate- Charisma Capelli fucking her tight pussy with a big sex toy, she's super horny and she really gets off hard
* Charisma Capelli Masturbating- Watch Charisma Capelli masturbate with this big dildo, this girl is horny as a motherfucker and more than willing to get herself off with multiple toys in her pussy and ass!
* Charisma Capelli Fucks Herself to Orgams- Watch Charisma Capelli get naughty with her sex toys in this hot scene, she really loves those toys in her juicy hole!
* She's Got Charisma- Charisma Cappelli just got back from working out with her boyfriend's son, Johnny. Johnny convinces her that it would be a good idea for them to fuck on the kitchen counter. Charisma is reluctant at first, but Johnny promises not to tell anyone. Charisma agrees and has Johnny bang her brains out. Of course, Johnny is more loyal to his father and takes pictures of a cum drenched Charisma in order to show his father what kind of women his girlfriend really is.