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TGP is the common term for Thumbnail Gallery Posts.

This is a type of site that provdes links to thumbnail galleries, single pages with either full size images or movie clips linked from the thumbs. This has been a remarkably popular type of guide with visitors, and as a result, there are literally tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of TGP sites on the net today. They different from link sites in that TGP sites link directly to a single gallery, where link sites guide you to multipage free sites with usually 2 or 3 galleries.

Increasingly, TGPs are getting phased out and replaced with porn tube sites instead, which link to videos hosted on the site itself. Many of these sites feature stolen content or videos used without permission, often not to promote those sites but rather to push other products. A number of larger tube sites have been noted as spyware installers or have similar bad reputations.

Types of TGPs

There are a number of different TGP types on the net today. They not only vary in design, but they also vary in intent, as some are trying to guide you to galleries, while others are attempting to mislead you into membership sites, spyware servers, or what is called a circle jerk.

The real thumbnail sites will have reduced sized images stacked 4 or 5 wide, and clicking on the image links you to the them thumbnail gallery that matches with that image. On what is called a clean TGP, every click on an image will get your the gallery that matches the image you have clicked on.

The second type is the text TGP. The most popular TGPs on the net right now, such as The Hun, Worldsex, and AL4A are all text oriented sites. They list the links to the thumbnail galleries as a line of text rather than an image. In some cases they will give a description of the gallery or a title. Other sites use generic links like "teen gallery" or "MILF Gallery". Again, clean TGPs will give you a gallery with every click, others work in a different manner.

The third type is the hybrid TGP. Basically, there is a combination of text and thumbs spread around the page, giving you many options to click on and different ways of finding the porn you are looking for. From personal experience, I would say that most hybrid TGPs are not entirely clean, so you are not always assured of getting a gallery on every click. Hybrids also tend of have many links off directly to membership sites and other partner sites, and because of the format of the site, it might be hard to tell them apart from the actual galleries.

Clean and Dirty

As mentioned above, there are two types of TGPs, clean sites where every thumb or gallery text link leads you to an actual gallery, and less than clean ones, often called skim sites that pull a certain amount of clicks away from the galleries and redirect visitors to other pages, for various reasons. Skimming is practice widely for the purposes of traffic trades, that is to say exchanging visitors from one site to another to expose other sites and to maybe let the visitor find a membership site to join.

At the highest level, skimming becomes a circle jerk, where essentially 100% of all clicks on thumbs or text links are redirected elsewhere. Most of these sites have little or no actual galleries listed on them, and their entire purpose is to encourage people to give up looking for free porn and to join a membership site. It is a sort of rude hardsell technique with a fairly low percentage sell rate, and many people feel that they have been abused or mistreated and close their browser windows rather than actually looking for porn. However, like spam, there is apparently enough people who are doing the desired thing (in this case buying access to membership sites to allow this sort of thing to continue and in fact flourish.

The best known TGPs

There are a nubmer of really well known TGPs out there. Here are some of the top TGPs on the internet.

* The Hun's Yellowpages - With well over 1 million visitors per day, this is a very popular TGP
* Free Porn Galleries - 18NH is a newer site with a nice fresh layout
* Worldsex TGP - Worldsex lists about 50 new galleries daily, and is updated every day.
* Tommy's Bookmarks - hardcore galleries and sexy cuties hourly updates and plenty of hot girls!
* AL4A Galleries - This site has been on the net for a long time, updates daily
* Bone Me Galleries - Very popular site with fresh galleries updates all the time

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