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Category:Removed retired or closed

These are sites, models, or amateur girls who have specifically closed out sites, or sites that have been removed from Porniki for various reasons.

It should be noted that Porniki will not intentionally link to sites that scam their users or appear to be abusing credit cards. It's sad to say, but some companies and individuals use the front of a porn operation to slam your credit card for thousands of dollars of cross sale charges and bonus amounts, and when we discover companies that are doing this (or are reported to be doing this), we tend to take the view of being more safe than sorry. While we are not passing judgement on these sites or companies, we are choosing not to take a risk - and we don't recommend you take that risk either.

Also, girls do retire from the porn world, and shut down their sites. Some leave their sites up forever, but others abruptly close the doors and pull down all the content. We want you to know about those sites, and rather than just pull the listing, we would rather leave the listing up but let you know that the site is no longer up or valid.

Enjoy good porn!