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Reality sites are those based on "real world" situations, or that involve breaking the glass with the audience or with the act of producing the video in question. This breaks down into two subcategories:

The Interview - This type of shooting was made famous by Ed Powers, who would bring in first time girls wanting to be in porn movies and interview them from behind the camera. There is no pretense, there is no attempt to suggest that this is not anything other than someone making a video, a very honest and simple layout. Essentially, it breaks the glass between the setup and the viewer, and often comments are directed that the viewers, as if they could answer. It is sort of like having friends over for a fuck.

Real World Situations - This includes all sorts of street pickups, office sex, and hidden camera videos. The concept is that this is "real sex", and not paid actors or posing amateurs. The situation is often "pick a girl up on the street, and talk her into making a porn movie". Some sites try to suggest that they are using a hidden camera or somehow disguised, others use clever ploys to explain why they just happen to have a camera with them. Some of the best known reality sites include Bang Bus, MILF Hunter, and College teen bookbang.

There is also a large number of hybrid sites, which essentially use a sort of ruse or situation to give the girls a reason to be in front of the camera. This can be anything from "model tryouts" to "making a video for a school project". Reality sites are very popular, and usually feature video exclusive to that site.