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Usually referred to as girl/girl. Lesbian photoshoots don't necessarily imply that the girls pictured are lesbians, just that the setting is girl/girl. When a female model does a photoshoot and has a significant other, many times hardcore shots are a source of contention in the relationship, but, girl/girl photoshoots are considered ok because it is less intimate.

For some girls, being a lesbian is a fact - they don't like boys, they like girls. For others, being a lesbian is a matter of preference rather than pure fact, they like boys but they prefer girls, In a modern society where sexuality if often very liquid and hard to describe, girls often identify as lesbian or bisexual because they prefer to make love to girls, and don't like the pressure that a straight boy girl relationship brings. Famous celebrities like Lindsay Lohan have famously"become" lesbians, in part to get away from a bad straight relationship past.

For the most part, the mainstream lesbian porn is mostly girls who either don't want to appear with guys, or who are bisexual and enjoy both. Many model type girls only do girl and girl scenes, not hardcore straight porn, somehow saving themselves or respecting an existing real life relationship with their man.