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Blog is a shortened name or common name for weblogs. These were originally updates from software developed and various important people about things they were working on, developments etc. They were particularly common in the early days of online gaming, multiplayer games, etc.

With the advent of programs such as Wordpress, blogs have come to the masses, now we know when everyone and their dog takes a dump or passes gas.

Examples of porn blogs:

* Pornpig's Porn Party - Updated from a number of sources daily
* DDcup Big Booby Blog - Specifically geared towards lovers of big tits
* Tiny Tits Blog - if you love them flatty and sassy, this is the top site online to find them!
* Incest Sex Stories - taboo erotica fmaily fucking step sisters and brothers and so much more!

Here are porn blogs that have been listed on Porniki:

Back Door Babes, X Nasty, Ddcup.com, Slut Wives Nude, Blog, Babe Company, 4freestories, 1819, Little Tit Site, Pornpig