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Big Black Cocks

Big Black Cocks
Black guys with longer or thicker than normal cocks
Big Black Cocks
A porn gendre that generally involves white girls getting fucked by black men.

Big black cocks is a whole major porn gendre that plays on a few different and interesting porn fetishes and more than a little on racial issues and cuckold husbands.

The first and obvious choice is the big cock size queen type girls who like to claim to have fucked the biggest cocks around. Black men often have larger penises to start with, and many of the black male pornstars are in the 10 inch and over group - sometimes called the walking stick club. Some of these performers are even over 12 inches long when hard, which is a pretty big cock for any girl to take. Some of them also have very fat cocks, requiring a girl to pretty much get her pussy gaped open and left too loose for smaller cocks.

The second is a more racial / racist thing. Big Black Cocks fucking white hot wife porn is very popular, there are plenty of erotic stories and porn sites that deal with white wives getting fucked by well hung black men in front of their husbands. This plays particularly well (oddly) in the southern US, where racist angle plays pretty hard. It's seen as the ultimate insult that not only is your wife fucking another man, but she is fucking a black man with a huge cock. The icing on the cake tends to be internal cumshots and the suggestion of impregnation in front of the husband.

Overall, Big Black Cocks are perhaps the most common hardcore niche fetish around. Sites like Blacked, Blacks On Blondes, and Blacked Raw play to this niche nicely!