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bftgirls was a website that specilized in foot fetishes. The name is short for barefoot girls, and features many nice teen and coed models showing off their sexy feet. The site is very much focused specifically on the niche of teen feet. This means nice natural feet, not too many painted toes or whatnot, not really high heel shoes or such very often, but tons of nice closeups of sexy feet.

It isn't just softcore either... there is foot licking, kissing, and sucking, masturbation with feet, mutual foot worship, and what looks like maybe near toe insertions as well. It is a very complete and well rounded site. The other part about this site that is nice is that the girls appear to be very amatuer type girls, and not professional foot models. This means that there is a certain innocence to the play, and everything is very natural. The girls often have no clue what makes their feet so sexy, and as a result they come through with hot, innocent, and natural video that will get your attention.

Due to changes made on this site, the site is either not longer available or no longer recommended

This site closed at some point around 2017 or 2018 without notice.

Bftgirl.jpg Bftgirls-nude.jpg