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Bang Bus

Bang Bus is potentially one of the seminal (not semen! SEMINAL!) websites of the porn world, from Bang Bros In a world full of fairly boring and staid "boy walks into room, girl suddenly fucks him for no reason" hollywood, Bang Bus is like a frozen fish slapped across your face. It is at once rude, obnoxious, unrehearsed, unprepared, unscripted, and sometimes downright funny... with a rotating cast of characters, drivers, and misfits With hundreds of episodes and a totally "fick you all attitude", Bang Bus has taken the mantle of "best in class" and run away and hidden from pretty much every other reality site around.

Bang Bus has a fairly simple concept. These guys drive around in a maxivan (those old style Dodge Ram van things) and go cruising for babes. They go all over the place, and sometimes they find some real winners. They offer the girls a hundred bucks to "answer some questions on video" and they will give them a ride wherever they are going. Sooner or later, more money is offered for a peek at the goods... and soon enough, enough money is offered to go right to fucking in the van while it is moving... and this is an all window passenger van too! The action is really hardcore, and some of these girls are just way into getting slammed as they go down the highway, with trucks honking their horns and everything. All the time the running commentary is humorous and rude at the same time, really quite a nutty situation.

The real kicker is when this is all over, the get the girl all dressed, and get her to stand outside of the truck for a minute... and then without paying the girl, they take off, usually leaving the girl in the middle of nowhere... total fuck them and run mentality... and the girl didn't get a cent. They level of humor and sexual tension in these videos is very high, and you will either be laughing your ass off or blowing a load, or maybe both.

It should be noted over the years (this site has run a very long time ) the players, bus drivers, and such have varied. Some of the scenes are more humor, some of them are more hardcore, and some of them even have pornstars in them picking up guys. It's a pretty wild mix, and continues to be updated with fresh scenes.

Check the site out:   Bang Bus - the wild adventures of guys with a van, some cash, and a plan to get laid for free!.

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Some wild sample galleries from Bang Bus

Update 2017: In a move that seems more and more common on sites these days, they have removed all of their free galleries and short video clips and no longer support this sort of thing. It's understandable, so I do recommend that you check out Bang Bus directly as their site has plenty of previews and hot shots to enjoy!