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Asia Carrera

Asia Carrera is a euro-asian mix pornstar, who has appeared in hundreds of porn movies.

She is a spectacular looking girl, with a unique Asian look that helps her stand out from the crowd. Earlier in her career, she was a vivid girl, and has appeared in literally hundreds of movies over about a 10 year period. She is currently retired, a mom to her two children from her late husband. She is no longer involved in the porn world at all, and has been a subject of a Playboy magazine "where are they now?" segment. As a side note, Asia is one smart cookie, and was either a member of or qualified to be in Mensa.

Even now past 40, she is an incredibly sexy woman with a great personality and plenty of attitude. Asia continues to chat online and has a very active Twitter account that includes occasional current images. She is certainly very MILF at this point, but is insanely hot and sexy and retains all of her good looks!

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