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500 couple group sex

The 500 Couple Group sex was a movie produced in Japan, where 500 random girls and 500 random guys were hired to appear in a porn movie together. The producers rented a large building (some say an aircraft hanger) and placed 500 mattresses in the room. They brought in the girls, and stood one next to each bed. They then filed the guys in, for completely random pairings of guys and girls. So you have 500 couples who have never met each other together to have sex.

The director then tells them what to do, starting off with kissing and rubbing, moving on to breast fondling, pussy fingering, and blowjob steps before going to hardcore fucking. The amazing thing is that each couple is doing this at the same time, which is weird and yet interesting. Japanese girls are also very loud when having sex, so the room is full of girls having orgasms and screaming.

They all end with facial cumshots.