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Live cam shows

Live cam shows come in a few different varieties. There are a number of sites that offer one on one or few on one chat rooms that, for a fee, you can chat with a girl (or guy, or shemale, or couple, or whatever) and see them live on camera. Some systems also allow the other person to see you if you have a camera and choose to, well, expose yourself.

There are also live cam shows giving often by amateurs where all of their members are invited in to a chat room to talk with the girl while she performs. These shows are often very explicit and often result in very complete finish for the girl. This is one of the best features of many amateur websites, and the girls often have a very good time giving these shows.

* IMLIVE Cams - A large Cam network with literally thousands of girls (and guys) live.
* Flirt 4 Free - Live girls, you can flirt for free over here which is pretty fun
* TIt 4 Free Live Cams - live cam shows with free membership and plenty of hot options

You can all find more webcam sites on Web Cam Directory